Last night I found a fantastic new local camp spot. It’s a great little woodland, less than 3 miles from home, seemingly undisturbed but not too overgrown, the nearby road has very light traffic in the morning and almost non-existent in the late evening, and easy access where a fence “may or may not” have collapsed. Best of all there seems to be absolutely no signs of other people! No empty cider cans, no fire pits and no quavers or tobacco packet litter! Although there was one old bike buried deep in the undergrowth which felt a little haunting.

The wind pushed and pulled and contorted the trees I was attached to

I fell blissfully asleep close to midnight in unexpectedly mild temperatures for November and a beautifully calm night. Only to be woken at 3 am by torrential rain followed closely by gale force winds. At least, I thought, this wind will dry the rain from my tarp, which it did. At one point I was literally rocking quite violently in my hammock. The wind pushed and pulled and contorted the trees I was attached to, howling beneath the tarp stealing my body heat. It was no surprise to find out there were 30 mph winds with 40 mph gusts!

Despite the crazy weather I caught a decent and only slightly disturbed sleep. The morning measured in at a chilly 4.6°C. This made it difficult to pack up and reignited (pun maybe intended) my desire to search for a suitable morning hand warming solution. Without any such solution I have no photos of last night’s camp. It was too cold in the morning and I wanted a silhouette shot through the trees before bed. But I only noticed this heart-warming shot when I was already tucked into my sleeping bag and the camera locked away. The picture featured isn’t actually me. Hard to believe I know!

But very pleased with my new camping local camp spot. Great find!

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