I try not to jump to my own opinionated decisions about things when they seem at first crazy. This guy is riding around Europe on a fixed geared wooden frame bike with no brakes. He has struggled with mountains in Germany and says that while the climbs are difficult it is “even more difficult to go down because of my fixed gear… and no brakes”.

Why would you be so crazy?

I want to think “Why!?” Why would you be so crazy? But cycling can be so many different things for different people and at different times in their lives. For Richard it is possibly more about challenging himself to discover his own limits and abilities.┬áIt’s easy for each of us to claim that “this guy is crazy” or “who would be so stupid?” But hats of to him and I am excited to read more about his story!

Remember! No matter how crazy people think the things you do are, there’s always someone else doing something more crazy!

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